In the world of music, there are many different instruments to choose from, but none compares to the piano. Not only does it have an awesome sound that makes people want to listen over and over again, but it also has an incredible history that goes back centuries in time. Find out more about why the piano is the best instrument around in this article!

The Piano Is Inventive

The piano took a long time to catch on. The instrument has been around since 1700, but didn’t become popular until 200 years later when European composers like Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn began writing pieces that played off of its unique sounds. Since then, people have tried to make different instruments sound more like pianos, but nothing comes close.

The Piano Can Enhance Creativity

Often thought of as a more classical instrument, many people who play piano might be surprised to learn that it can actually enhance creativity. The history of piano-playing goes all the way back to 1709, with early pianos known as clavicembali being played in homes and churches across Europe. With such a long history, you would think that these instruments would be outdated and obsolete – but in fact they continue to play a role in modern music today. How?

The Piano Enhances Self-Esteem

The piano is an instrument that can be played by anyone at any age, unlike many other instruments. Learning to play a piano takes time, but it also brings feelings of accomplishment and pride. One of the best things about learning to play a piano as a child—or later in life—is that it has been shown to improve self-esteem, which in turn helps people develop healthier relationships with their peers.

The Piano Improves Brain Health

Studies have shown that musical training can help develop creativity and intelligence, two factors that are critical to improving overall brain health. In a recent study on elderly adults, people who played an instrument on a regular basis scored higher than non-musicians when it came to vocabulary skills, verbal memory and immediate recall. These improvements in brain function were also seen in musicians who started playing at an older age. That’s music to our ears!

The Piano Promotes A Positive Mindset

Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of piano playing is how positive it can make you feel. In many ways, music in general can contribute to an overall mood boost – but something about a piano makes it even more special. Maybe it’s all that banging on keys! It doesn’t matter how down I am feeling; once I sit down at my piano and start playing, I always end up feeling better. For more details, please click here learning piano