If you’ve ever dreamed of a toucan in your life, your dreams are about to come true! Toucans are one of the most colorful birds in the world, and they bring so much joy and happiness to anyone lucky enough to have one as a pet. There’s no better bird out there than an Emerald Toucanet, so check out this guide on how to care for one today! For more details, please click here emerald toucanet for sale

What Is This Bird?

Emerald toucans are native to Central America and South America. They are large, brightly colored birds with a long tail and small beak. They have an omnivorous diet that includes nuts, fruit, and insects.


Please keep in mind that toucans can grow as large as two feet tall and require a cage at least three feet high. Toucans are very active birds, so it is important that they have plenty of toys and perches to play with. It is also necessary to provide them with a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts every day.


The Emerald Toucanet is a brightly colored bird. Males are green with a bright red chest, while females are more subdued in their coloring with brown and green feathers. They can be found in the rain forests of Central and South America. The toucanets live on fruit, insects, and nectar from flowering plants which makes them very similar to hummingbirds. Like other members of their family, the toucans have strong bills with long tongues for nectar-feeding.


Emerald toucanets are native to the Amazon basin and can be found in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. They are primarily fruit eaters but will also take insects and other small animals. The males have a long tail which is used for balance when they’re perched in their tree holes. Females build nests of twigs on a horizontal branch near the nest hole that they use throughout the breeding season. It is not uncommon for them to reuse the same nest hole year after year.

What Do They Sound Like?

Easily recognized by their vivid green feathers, emerald toucanets are a sight to behold. They have a beautiful call that is so pleasant you may find yourself humming along as they sing in your backyard. The emerald toucanet has been called the most musical of all the toucans and it is easy to see why when you hear them in person.

How Can I Get One?

If you are interested in adding an emerald toucanet to your family, please contact us. We can answer any questions you may have.

Where Else Can I Find One?

Toucans are tropical birds, so you’ll want to find a toucanant breeder in your area. If there is no breeder nearby, check online at auction sites like eBay or Craigslist for one. They will cost anywhere from $100-$200 depending on the age and health of the bird. Check out the International Union for Conservation of Nature website for more information on toucans and their conservation status.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) What type of animal is the Emerald Toucanet?
A) The Emerald Toucanet is a type of toucan. They are native to Central and South America.
Q) Why do toucans have such large beaks?
A) The beak is used for feeding, nesting, and protection from predators. They are also used for courtship displays.

Additional Resources

Emerald toucans are native to the Atlantic rainforest of Brazil, and are one of two types of toucans found in Brazil. Both the male and female emerald toucanets have a bright green body with black markings on their wings and a large bill that is yellow on top with a black tip. The other type of Brazilian toucanet is the Red-breasted Toucan, which has red or orange body feathers and no black markings on its wings.