Working out at the gym can be repetitive and boring, but it doesn’t have to be! To make your next gym session more fun, we’ve come up with 5 ways you can spice things up without hurting your workout or getting kicked out of the gym. You’re welcome!

Wear Bright Colors

Wearing bright colors when you’re exercising makes you a lot more visible, so not only do you look good while working out, but if anything were to happen, there’s a greater chance that people would notice you. When I go to the gym (and most gyms require some sort of clothing), I wear bright colors—they might seem obnoxious or weird, but it could very well save my life if something were to happen.

Incorporate Repetition Into Your Routine

If you’re doing a full-body workout at least 3 times a week, there’s no reason why you should do exactly the same thing every time. Challenge yourself by varying your routine: lift heavier weights one day, lighten up on another; start with cardio one time and then lift weights another time; focus on body parts like chest or triceps that you normally don’t hit as much.

Mix Up Exercises

If you’re doing a circuit, alternate between two different exercises every time you do that particular workout. For example, if you’re on day 4 of a 7-day bodyweight routine and working out with pull-ups and pushups, choose one set of pull-ups and then immediately follow with one set of pushups—don’t take a break or rest in between sets. By changing up your routine, you keep things interesting and give your muscles an opportunity to respond differently to different stimuli from week to week—it may even shock them into new growth when they least expect it! (As an added bonus: This technique will also help prevent injuries.)

Challenge Yourself

If you’re feeling bored by your regular weight routine, set yourself a short-term goal to try something new, such as an obstacle course or a handstand challenge. It won’t take long before you’ve lost that burnt out feeling, not just because you’re keeping active but because of how good it feels when you push yourself to new limits. Remember: staying active is about breaking through plateaus and barriers; so make sure there are always goals that you want or need to achieve for maximum motivation.

Asakusa Gym

This style of workout combines martial arts movements with aerobic exercises that help you tone up. The added benefit? Because you’re practicing kicks and punches, you’ll build muscle even as you burn calories. ステロイド 通販 is a relatively new concept in Tokyo gyms, so if you’re used to traditional workouts, it might take some getting used to (pun intended). Luckily, they also offer an aerobics class that should feel comfortable enough for anyone. If you don’t live in Tokyo but still want a change of pace, look for similar options near your home; many major cities include these types of gyms or have studios like them where martial arts are taught.