Soccer is a worldwide game and it brings together gender and race. Over the past 3 decades Soccer’s popularity has grown tremendously across so many different countries and is still growing, reaching even the most remote nations. According to FIFA, which pulled a survey just weeks ago, soccer is officially played in 155 nations by around 4 billion people across our planet (there are 36,000 professional soccer teams that play in 506 pro-leagues and which is why soccer is known better as “The global sport”.

Originated in England over 800 years ago, where two towns would meet half way and kick a ball, attempting to reach the opponent’s town was then generated into the modern game of soccer in the 1800’s as the world’s most viewed sport and not just played. The sport quickly spread all over Europe.

Today, People from every nation are totally obsessed with the FIFA world cup, the Euro’s, Champions League, Copa America and the Copa Libertadores and it has become a part of their daily bread and butter. Soccer has successfully collected the attention of a global audience and when it is played it unites the world as one.

The largest reason behind the growing popularity of soccer is because it’s simple to play, it can be played anywhere. All you need is a ball, shin guards and Keeper Gloves (for the goalies). The basics of the sport are also very easy to understand which is why kids love to play it and parents on the sidelines understand it.

Controlling the ball requires a lot of technique. The more confident the player is with the ball the better. Players need to also learn how to cleanly tackle the opponent while keeping the ball moving towards the other side of the field. Teams have to train hours and hours on end to learn all the techniques which can help them in becoming a future star.

The huge popularity that soccer has across the globe is due to its very positive experience and its ability to bring people from all over the globe together. Soccer has a widespread influence which is why FIFA and UEFA leagues and tournaments are the best in the world and are enjoyed by people of any age.