You may not know it, but your cat spends hours per day perched in their cat tree , or some other form of cat furniture . What are they doing up there? And more importantly, how can you get them down to play with you? This article gives an overview of all the different ways that cats use their favorite pieces of cat furniture to rest, play, and climb around on, as well as what your options are if you want to invest in some of your own!

Cats love to climb

Cats are natural climbers. One reason they love tree houses is because it provides a sense of security and safety, which cats crave. They also love to climb because it allows them to get away from the ground, giving them a sense of control. Climbing can also be considered an instinctual behavior—a way for cats to assert their dominance over their territory or other animals in the area.

Cats are natural hunters

Cats are by nature hunters. They will hunt and kill small animals. Sometimes they will even eat the prey they catch, but often cats simply play with their prey before letting it go.

Cats like to be in high places

If you’re a cat owner, chances are that your feline friend has spent some time on a tree house. This type of cat furniture is an excellent choice for cats who love to climb and explore. It’s also perfect for those with multiple cats because it doubles as a play area or perch for one, while the other can enjoy the high-ground view.
Plus, most cats just really enjoy climbing up things.

Cat trees provide mental stimulation

Cats are a type of animal that require mental stimulation. This is why cat trees are so popular, because they provide a place for cats to climb, scratch, and explore. If you would like your cat to have a happy life, then it is important that you provide them with the right type of environment and toys to fulfill their needs. A tree house will allow them to climb and explore in an area that is their own space.

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Cat trees are great for naps

A cat tree is a great way to give your feline friend a place to play, nap, and explore. Cats love trees because it gives them a high vantage point that lets them survey their territory and keep an eye on their favorite spots. Plus, the higher up they are, the safer they feel from predators like birds and other cats.
In addition to giving your kitty somewhere to play and explore, a tree house can also provide some much-needed vertical space in your small apartment or home.