A smart shopping cart project aims to save consumers time and money by rewarding them with coupons when they shop. The concept was born in Sweden, and the creators hope to bring their idea to the United States in 2016 after a successful launch in Europe. Initial reaction from major retailers has been very positive, so it’s likely that the program will be adapted in America as well.


The smart shopping cart project is designed to save consumers time and money. The idea is that there would be a chip in the shopping carts that automatically charges shoppers for whatever they put in it. This way, customers do not have to fumble with their cash or credit cards at checkout. Plus, if customers have coupons, they can use them at any time without having to worry about forgetting them or carrying them around with them.For more information click here: smart shopping cart company 

How it works

The smart shopping cart project is an initiative that aims at saving consumers time, money, and frustration. The concept behind the project is quite simple: in order to check out at the grocery store, customers need only scan their items as they put them into their carts. From there, they would be able to proceed with their transaction without needing a cashier or waiting in line. This system would reduce wait times by two-thirds while eliminating checkout lane bottlenecks which cost grocery stores billions of dollars each year.

The benefits

The Smart Shopping Cart Project aims to save shoppers time and money by providing them with the convenience of having their shopping items automatically scanned as they shop. This project will not only make life easier for consumers, but it will also help stores cut down on labor costs.