The control of industrial machinery and its many processes using industrial automation technology lessens the need for human interaction. Numerous control systems, including programmable logic controllers, industrial controllers, and numerical control systems, are used in industrial automation technologies. The automated machinery is typically controlled by these applications in conjunction with information technology systems, such as computers.

Automation is an improvement over mechanisation because it significantly lowers the mental and sensory demands on humans, whereas mechanisation helps human operators meet the physical demands of the job.

Engineers work hard to combine mathematical tools with automated devices to create better and more complicated systems for the expanding uses and range of human activities. Industrial automation is a significant contributor to the global economy.

The automation of machines and other technologies has a significant impact on a variety of industries. For instance, automated switchboards and answering machines have largely replaced telephone operators, and automated teller machines now make money transactions much easier and reduce the number of trips to the bank.

Industrial automation has a wide range of applications in a variety of industries, some of which include:

Engineering, mechanical

o Administrative controls

Engineering, electronic

o Design of integrated circuits

o Fluidity and motion control

o Data collection tools

The scope of industrialization has both numerous benefits and drawbacks, some of which are as follows:

o Growth in the economy

o May be used to perform risky jobs

o May substitute for tiresome human jobs

Among the most significant drawbacks are:

o Automation has its limitations and currently cannot take the place of humans in all tasks.

Costs of development might fluctuate.

· High initial setup expenses are typical

While some detractors believe that automation would increase unemployment, others contend that the contrary is true and that employment has increased as a result of automation. Read More about variable frequency drives