When you first get started with breeding Dubia Roaches , there are certain factors you need to consider when choosing your colony. For starters, there’s the size of your enclosure, which should be large enough to house the number of dubia roaches that you plan on having in it. You also have to choose between XXL, M, and XS roaches based on the number of dubia roaches you plan on having in your colony—the more dubia roaches you want in your colony, the larger the type of roach you should choose.

What You’ll Need

You will need a medium-sized dubia cockroach starter colony. These include 8 egg flats, 1/2 lbs roach chow, 2 oz water crystals, 1 oz bee pollen, 5 Adult Female, 5 Adult Males and the following sizes of dubia cockroaches: 1.25 (XXL) 75g (average count 60), 3/4 (M) 25g (average count 74), and 3/8 (XS) 8g (average count 114).

Setting Up Your Colony

Breeding dubia roaches is a great way to diversify your feeder insects. Follow these steps to set up your colony

Adding Adults

To start breeding Dubia Roaches , you will first need some adults. Adults are the only members of the colony that produce eggs and they live for six months. When you purchase a starter colony, it should come with adult females and males. You can also order adult dubias separately if you already have a colony established.

Caring for Your Colony

A medium size dubia cockroach starter colony is a great way to start breeding dubia roaches. Here are some tips for caring for your colony:

  • This type of colony will require a constant supply of water crystals and chow, so make sure you have it on hand.
  • If you’re using the 8 egg flats, don’t forget to sterilize them before adding the dubias eggs.