Even if you’re an expert whitewater kayaker, you may still want to check out the Diadem series of paddles from Carlisle. The company has long been known for its high-end aluminum paddles, and these newest offerings are no exception to that reputation. No matter what kind of kayaking you do, you will find yourself reaching for one of these paddles time and time again throughout your paddling career. Here’s everything you need to know about these innovative tools to turn up the heat on your paddling game. For more details, please click here Diadem First Responder Paddle

An Overview

Diadem paddles are a paddling-specific product created by the company, Diadem. They are designed for use with kayaks and canoes. The paddles come in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. They have a unique shape that is curved on one side and flat on the other, making them easy to grip with your fingers. They also have two holes for mounting on your boat or for storage purposes.

What are Diadem Paddles?

Diadem paddles are a type of paddle that is used on boats. It can be either a single or double-bladed paddle. They are usually made from wood, plastic, or fiberglass and have an oval shape with a rounded end. The blades provide propulsion by dipping into the water, pushing it away from the boat and then pulling back out again. This motion creates thrust for the boat.

What Makes Them Different?

Diadem paddles are a new take on an old classic; their design makes it easy for you to paddle solo, and with a partner. The paddles are connected by a strap that goes around your waist and locks together in the middle. This means that if you’re going solo, your hands will be free to hold onto the side of the kayak as you paddle! But if you’re paddling with someone else, they’ll be locked securely together with yours so that both of you can steer.

Which Type is Best for Your Needs?

The three types of paddles available on the market are ones that are designed for beginners, intermediate or expert players. If you are a beginner then we would recommend getting one that is designed for people just starting out and learning how to use the paddle. If you are an intermediate player then it’s best to get a paddle that will be good for your skill level but not too difficult either. Lastly, if you are an expert player then you should probably get one that is more advanced than the other two types.


Diadem has been manufacturing paddles for over 60 years. As one of the top manufacturers in the industry, they’ve seen it all and have learned what works best for each type of sport. Whether you’re new to paddle sports or are looking for your next upgrade, Diadem has a wide selection of paddles that will meet your needs. Read More Diadem paddles for sale