incense burner is a popular and affordable way to scent your home and mask unpleasant odours like cigarette smoke. Incense was originally made to be used in religious events and is frequently associated with yoga and meditation. Incense is more widely accessible than ever and far less expensive than scented candles and oils.

Stick and cone incense are the two major types that you may purchase. Stick incense is manufactured by wrapping a bamboo stick in a layer of incense, which burns down over the course of around 30 minutes. Purely constructed of incense, incense cones burn from the top of the cone all the way to the bottom. Powdered incense can also be purchased, but it is considerably more difficult to find and needs a charcoal or electric burner to stay burned.

There are many various scents of incense, making it simple to select one that you enjoy and will freshen up your environment. There is no longer a necessity to stick with patchouli and its hippy undertones. Even incense that has been perfumed with well-known commercial scents is available; for a fresher feeling, try a citrus aroma.

Incense has a pleasant scent and is effective at warding off insects like mosquitoes. In Asia, incense has long been used as an effective insect repellent in place of burning citronella candles or applying commercial bug spray. Smoke naturally deters flying insects, so you may fragrance your home while keeping mosquitoes out of it.

Use the right incense burner to avoid burning your furniture and to catch any falling ash for simple cleanup. These come in a selection of designs to fit any home, from basic and affordable incense waterfall to elaborate and decorative.