MS Office 2013 Professional is a program without which you will not be able to work normally with your desktop computer and laptop. Almost everyone needs the Word program, because in everyday life people often have to deal with viewing and editing test files. And not a single analogue in functionality can compare with the office suite from Microsoft.

Office 2013 Activator for Windows Activator for Office 2013 for Windows 10 is a set of functions and tools that are aimed at managing the licensing and activation of Microsoft Office and Windows. During operation, all initial function data is displayed in the information console. In most activators, everything runs in the background, and the GUI is deactivated to prevent multiple functions from running simultaneously that might conflict with each other.

Please note! Almost all activators support the Russian language. The interface is translated correctly in most cases, so there are no difficulties with navigating the site. Advantages of the MS Office 2013 office suite Despite the fact that Microsoft employees have already developed and released several newer office suites, many users still remain faithful to the 2013 version.

This is due to the large number of advantages that outweigh the disadvantages. In version 2013, users appreciate the following advantages: Ms Office Word is equipped with a new convenient text reading mode; in comparison with other versions of office programs, this product has the most minimalistic and easy-to-understand interface, which is equally convenient on desktop computers and laptops, as well as netbooks and tablets; It is possible to insert online videos into your documents; thanks to integration with the cloud server from Microsoft, the user has the opportunity to store their documents centrally; It became possible to view and edit PDF files without installing additional software.

Control Panel of Ms Office Word 2013 Please note! The programs do have many advantages, but for many users, purchasing a licensed version is unreasonably expensive. In this case, people resort to using activator programs, which were mentioned earlier.

Methods for activating the program If the user purchased a licensed version of Microsoft Office 2013 on his PC with Windows OS, then he can activate it by entering a special activation key into the appropriate command line. As an alternative, you can use mobile phone activation. In this case, it will be necessary to dictate the code to a corporate employee. If the user decides to download MS Office Professional 2013 for free and, accordingly, use it for free, then a special utility called an activator will be required.

There are several ways to activate Office 2013, the implementation of each has its own characteristics. Activation using a program There are a large number of different distributions that are designed for illegal activation of MS Office. As an example, the KMSpico program, which has been one of the most effective for several years. There is no need to be online to use it. For Office 2013, the activator for Windows 10 is used as follows: Go to the official website of the activator developer (

The page will display a fairly large “Download KMSpico” button; you must click on it to download the installation file to your PC. Wait until the installation file with the .exe extension is downloaded to the PC, and then launch it by double-clicking on the icon with the left mouse button. After a few seconds, the Windows Install Wizard will appear on the screen. Immediately click “Next” or “Next”.

Agree to the terms of use of the program by checking the box next to the “I accept” line. In the next step, the user needs to select a directory for installing the software. Instructions for installing the KMSpico activator Please note! The automatic installation of the application will begin, after completion the program can be launched. To activate the application, you need to launch it and then click on the red button.

License key If the user purchased a licensed professional version of Office 2013, then a special activator key is included with it. As mentioned earlier, you can confirm the key via the Internet or by calling the corporation’s hotline. To activate, you will need to follow the following step-by-step algorithm: Launch any program from the office suite 2013.

In the main menu, you need to click directly on the very first section called “File” (located at the top of the window on the left side). A new window will open, on the right side of which there will be a “Product Information” column. Under the inscription “Activation required” additional information is required