Milk has different health effects based on the cow breed and other factors. A2 cow milk is better than A1 milk, which is the most commonly consumed milk. A2 cow milk has many health benefits and may be suitable for lactose intolerant. Many studies are being carried out in different countries regarding the benefits associated with A2 milk as compared to A1 milk. A2 milk is safe and the best option.

Understanding A1 and A2

Milk is a wholesome product most people include in their diet to meet their daily nutritional requirements. Milk contains vitamin A, calcium, and protein. There are two protein types in milk: A1 and A2. A2 is naturally produced by all mammals but cross-breeding and the displacement of various native breeds have resulted in mutations. This is why some breeds give A1 milk instead which has both A1 and A2 protein.

If a cow produces the two-beta casein protein, A1 and A2, it is called an A1 cow. A2 cows (pure native breeds) like Gir, Kankrej, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi Dangi etc. produce only A2 beta-casein (A2 milk).

Claims about A1 milk

The digestion of A1 milk leads to the release of BCM-7 which can have adverse health effects. 

There are claims that when A1 milk is consumed, there may be some harmful or adverse health effects, as noted below:

· Sudden infant syndrome: Some mothers go for instant formulations instead of breastfeeding newborns. There are claims that high BCM-7 levels lead to breathing issues leading to the syndrome.

· Type 1 diabetes: In children, A1 milk consumption may lead to diabetes development.

· Autism: This disorder may be caused by the BCM-7 element in A1 milk. People living with autism have high BCM-7 elements in their urine.

· Consuming: A1 milk when pregnant may be harmful as dangerous microorganisms can get into the body and expose you and your child to numerous health issues.

· Heart disease: A1 milk may cause coronary heart disease if consumed regularly.

· Digestion: The milk can also cause indigestion issues because of the opioid peptide that is not digested by the body. This causes indigestion and other stomach-related issues.

A2 Milk

A2 milk contains A2 beta-casein. In this case, milk is produced naturally, and there is no genetic mutation. The cows give 3-9 litres of milk each day. The milk is high in nutrition.

The milk also contains strontium, which helps boost brain power. It is very easy to digest and may suit those with irritable bowel symptoms.

A2 milk is also close to the structure of human milk. A2 Milk by Native Milk is natural, and free from hormones and chemicals which makes them the ideal choice healthwise.

Health benefits of A2 milk

· Pregnancy: A2 milk supports digestion. Pregnant women don’t have to deal with flatulence and other digestive problems. A2 milk is safe.

· Calcium: A2 milk is a good source of calcium to give you stronger bones.

· Brain Power: Cerebrosides are found in A2 milk, which is good at enhancing brain power.

· Digestive Health: A2 milk causes less digestive discomfort and bloating than A1 milk.

· Boosts Immunity: A2 milk boosts immunity as it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

· Weight management: A2 milk provides an effective weight management solution.

· Regulates Blood Pressure: A2 milk helps to regulate blood pressure because of the presence of potassium.

Bottom line

A2 milk is a better alternative compared to the A1 options. There are many health benefits associated with A2 milk, and it is, therefore, the healthier choice.

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