Many solo professionals are working very hard, especially during tough economic times, so hard in fact, they do not have time to volunteer, donate, or give back to the community. This is problematic, and it’s important that you do find time. Is being too busy a decent excuse? Sure it is, one of the best, but you must also remember that “almost giving” didn’t help feed a child, it didn’t help your community, and it didn’t add to your personal strength of character and karma.

So, how can a busy solo professional find more time in his busy schedule to give back? We already know that many of them have ongoing required education for their licensing that the government makes them do, this on top of their already busy schedule just so they can keep their licenses stay in business. We also know during the recession they had to work twice as hard to make the same amount of money because there was less money flow going around for their type of services.

Well, the answer may be to schedule out one day a week to go to a service club meeting perhaps in the morning for breakfast or during lunch. And attend a local community fundraiser perhaps one or two weekends per month for a few hours for that service club.

The Rotary Club, Kawai’s Club, Optimist Club, and Lions Club are always seeking fresh faces and new members. The least that a solo professional can do is to give back to their local community for all that they’re community has given to them. If you are a solo professional, I surely hope you will consider all this.