It is never easy to work with family members in a business, especially a private practice or close run solo professional practice. Working well together does alleviate lots of stress and it allows for vacations too. Not to mention if you are working with family members you don’t have to worry so much about employee theft, or all the other nonsense that goes along with hiring people you don’t know. There is a ton of benefits to solo professionals that work with their family.

Indeed, the assignment of tasks is important also, but more importantly is the ability of each family member to do almost every job for the clientele. If every family member can do every single job in the solo professional practice, it alleviates any hardship when one family member needs to go take care of a personal matter and leaves for the day early.

Of course, it works best when the clients know all the family members working in the practice by name, and when all the clientele trusts each and every family member as well as the next all is well. Indeed, imagine how well this works for succession planning, when one family member is ready to retire, or can’t work anymore.

Now, it is true that not all family members can spend that much time together without getting into personality conflicts. And it is true that it is not right for every family to try this, but the families that do get along together and work well together, will build a great business together. This is what I mean when I say family members in solo professional settings can achieve systematic success. Please think on that.