Traveling to Argentina is always a tempting option. It is an ideal country to go on vacation, with a good tourist offer and a favorable exchange rate.


The country of the end of the world, tango and unique landscapes is today a perfect alternative to return. From its capital, Buenos Aires, full of history, through the Patagonia of lakes and mountains, the colors of the north, the strength of the Iguazu Falls and the variety of National Parks that extend throughout its territory. Argentina responds with plans for all tastes.


Beneficial economy for foreign tourists


The blue dollar is the euphemism used by Argentines to refer to the U.S. dollar bought on the parallel market.


And it is precisely this exchange rate that is favorable for foreign tourists. Why? Because currently 1 US dollar is equivalent to 290 Argentine pesos in that market, while the official dollar is 139. And, although there are fluctuations between both exchange rates, traveling within the country or buying any product is very convenient with the blue dollar.


Thus, getting to know Argentina becomes an opportunity for foreigners both in terms of scenery and economy. 


The cities most chosen by foreign tourists to visit in Argentina have historically been Bariloche, El Calafate, Iguazú, Ushuaia, Salta and Mendoza.