This is Viktoria Sydorchuk. Viktoria is a dancer and from Ukraine. At the start of the war, she fled from Ukraine to Denmark.

In Denmark, she gathered some dancers and created shows that they performed to raise awareness of the war.

Victoria found an outlet through dance, for all the emotions involved in fleeing to an unknown country and with an unknown future.

As a photographer, I think it could be exciting to make a portrait of Viktoria. I invited her to a talk about how we could create some portrait photos that could express the feelings she had had when she came to Denmark. There were many conflicting emotions. She was in my studio and telling me about it – and dancing out. These are pictures from this session. It is explosive and expressive – like war. Dance is, like pictures, a wordless language.


Victoria has gone back to Ukraine, where her boyfriend, family, brother, who was supposed to stay in the country, are. And her friends.


I recently heard how she is doing. She says it has been a quiet week – without sirens. Viktoria hopes it lasts. She is rebuilding her life in Ukraine and now organizes dance classes while hoping for a life without war..

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