Touchwood’s Men’s Wedding Rings Are Beautiful, Unique And Come In So Many Styles To Suit Every Personality

Wedding rings are an important part of any wedding ceremony. They signify the marriage, the commitment and love that two people have for one another. Wedding rings are traditionally given to the bride and groom by their parents as a symbol of their love for each other.

Wedding rings can be worn on any finger on your hand but traditionally they are worn on your left hand ring finger – it’s believed this is because it was once thought that this finger has a vein directly linked to your heart! Touchwood has one of the most amazing Tungsten wedding rings in South Africa which come in various inlays such as wood inlays and deer antler inlays. Have a look at their wide selection of mens wedding rings below and see what ring you can get for your special day. If you’re looking for a ring that will last you a lifetime, tungsten may be your best option. Tungsten rings come in a variety of designs, which allow you to choose the one that suits your unique style.


Tungsten wood inlay rings are a great alternative to traditional tungsten rings. The base of the ring is made from tungsten, which is one of the hardest metals on Earth. However, it’s not just a solid piece of metal. There are some designs that incorporate wood into the center of each ring.

The benefit of this type of ring is that it allows you to get something unique and different than your standard black or brushed ring with either straight edges or round edges depending on what you prefer. You also have more options when it comes to adding engraving and personalizing your ring with any phrase or saying that you want engraved onto it! Touchwood’s Tungsten wood inlay rings come from a variety of woods such as rosewood, ebony wood, oakwood, zebrawood, walnut wood, and whiskey barrel wood.


Deer antler rings are made from the antlers of deer, which are a renewable resource. The strength and durability of the antlers makes them an ideal material for wedding bands. Deer antlers can be used as handles for tools, such as shovels and axes. They can also be used in jewelry and art to create beautiful collectibles that last a lifetime.


You might like the black tungsten ring. These rings are one of the most popular styles of tungsten rings that you can choose from. Some black tungsten rings also have colored inlays, like blue, red, or green. A black tungsten ring with a colored inlay is a great way to make the ring stand out and can be a great complement to other jewelry you’re wearing. If you are looking for a black ring, the black tungsten ring is the perfect choice.

You can get a black tungsten ring with wood inlays and deer antler inlays.


One of the most popular options is brushed tungsten rings. These have a beautiful shine, but not too much. They’re subtle and classy, which makes them perfect for men who want something that is understated but still has some sparkle and elegance. 

The brushed look is also very durable and scratch resistant in general


Rose gold is a popular choice for men’s wedding rings. It is a combination of copper and gold, which gives it a beautiful natural pinkish hue. Rose gold is a great choice for men who want a more masculine look but still want to express their love for the feminine side of life.

What is Tungsten?

Tungsten is a dense, hard metal that can be polished to a high shine. It’s the strongest of all the metals, making it extra durable and scratch-resistant. Tungsten carbide rings are also resistant to corrosion, which means your ring will stay shiny for years—and it won’t rust or tarnish like other metals do!

Why are Tungsten Rings so Popular?

Tungsten rings are popular for a number of reasons. First, tungsten is an affordable alternative to other metals such as gold and platinum. Tungsten also has superior durability and strength compared to these metals, making it a great choice for anyone looking to purchase a ring that will last a lifetime.

Tungsten rings are hypoallergenic, which makes them ideal for those with sensitive skin (like me). They’re also scratch resistant—something that’s not true of all jewelry materials—which gives them an extra layer of protection against everyday wear-and-tear.

Tungsten is Hypoallergenic

Tungsten has a low rate of allergic reaction, which makes it hypoallergenic. The reason for this is because tungsten does not contain nickel, cobalt or palladium. These metals are known to cause allergic reactions in some people and are often found in other jewelry materials such as gold and silver.

You should look into tungsten rings because they’re good value and have some nice properties.

Tungsten rings are a good value. They’re beautiful, tough, and hypoallergenic. They have some other nice properties too.

Tungsten is an element that’s always been around but only recently started being used for jewelry in the early 20th century. It’s been mined for industrial purposes since tungsten carbide was discovered in 1783 by Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele (though it was rediscovered in 1827). Tungsten carbide is hard, heat resistant material made from tungsten and carbon—the same as industrial-grade diamonds! Since then, tungsten has been used to make cutting tools like saws and drill bits as well as other things like golf clubs or fishing rods because of its durability under stress conditions (it won’t bend out of shape when hit with a hammer) or due to extreme temperatures (like those found inside molten steel).


This durability makes it an excellent choice for wedding bands because they’re meant to withstand years of wear without changing color or shape much over time at all – unlike precious metals like gold which tend oxidize quickly over time when exposed directly with air/moisture after being worn daily on your finger without any kind of coating applied beforehand beforehand.