FIFA 23 is the new entry in the EA Sports series. The soccer game features the 2022-2023 season of many of the popular world leagues, including the Bundesliga, La Liga, and Premier League. It also covers the UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League, along with the FIFA World Cup 2022 that is happening in 2022. You will be able to enjoy the FIFA World Cup of Women that is taking place in Australia and New Zealand in 2023.

Tips and Tricks to Win More Matches

This won’t be easy, but you have to acknowledge the fact that there are many other players who are better footballers than you in FIFA 23. So, the best tip is to try to learn from your opponents and improve the game. If someone defeats you, learn what the opponent did better and where you need to improve your gameplay. It is a game, and just like in real life, things will go wrong. Use these attacking and defense tips to score goals and stop the opposition from scoring any goals at all.

Defending Tips

Before you even think about scoring any goals in FIFA 23, you should worry about the goals of the other team. You need good defense to win a match.

  • The best method is to use midfielders for defense in most cases.
  • Those are going with the CDM formation, and they should use the right analogue stick or the L1 button to select them.
  • You can use CDMs to take on the attacking line of the other team and block them from passing lanes.
  • This can be done with center backs, and they don’t need to step out of shape.
  • After you switch to other players, the AI will take over the previous player to keep the defense up.
  • In some cases, CDMs fail in defending, but you don’t have to worry, as the center back is there to save the day.
  • You don’t even have to do any sliding tackles or standing tackles.
  • Use the L2 button to jockey the other player out while staying on your feet.
  • With the perfect body position, taking the ball away from the other player is very easy.
  • There is no need to focus on this method too much because the other team will outrun you.
  • Try to stay in the defensive shape to make it difficult for the opposition to score any goals.
  • Minimizing the risk of goals by attackers should become your priority if you can’t stop in the way.
  • Make the opponent go for shots that are out of the box or require a certain angle, as the probability of scoring a goal with these shots is very low.
  • Limit the opponent to low-probability shots, like attempts outside of the box or with difficult angles.
  • To secure your chances of winning the match, you need to avoid goals by the opposing team till the time runs out.
Attacking Tips

To win more matches, you need to learn the art of scoring more goals. No matter how strong your defense is, you need to score at least one goal till the end of the match will end up as a tie. With these attacking tips, you can score way more goals.

  • Along with your approach and tactics, you also need the possession of the ball to score a goal.
  • Try to recycle the ball between your teammates when you have the chance to do so.
  • To score a goal, you first need to make the opponent get out of his position.
  • For high-level players, this will be difficult, but it isn’t entirely impossible.
  • Keep the ball working and moving until you find the opportunity to send it in the goalpost.
  • Keeping the ball with you is also very good for defense, as the opponent will first have to snatch the ball from you.
  • No need to become a dribble merchant if you have the necessary skills to keep the ball between your teammates.
  • To beat opponents, use maneuvers like the fake shot to gain a space of some yards.
  • Take advantage of crossing the ball instead of working it through the middle.
  • To work the ball out wide, just switch the play.
  • Although this depends on your formation, you should get all the wide players inside the box when crossing to get chances of scoring a goal from both away from the post and near the post.
  • Lift the ball into the air by using the push triangle and the L1 button to make use of the aerial gameplay.
  • Instead of playing on feet, you can play in the air to make it easy for your strikers to get the ball, but they need to look for any opponents, as taking the ball in the air is easy for them as well.

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