Sometimes it could be difficult, when you think about how you could entertain your Baby. Between all the feeding, naps, and diaper changing times, there will be a time when your little ones will be awake and charged up, ready to take in their surroundings and engage with you.

Every moment, experience, and activity is new for your newborn, and it makes every action and interaction with you a chance to learn and develop a bond. Playing is a crucial element to healthy baby’s development, and how kids’ experiences with play time change as they grow.

Why we need to play with our Newborn?

Interaction and playing is the crucial way that babies learn. Through different movements, they learn the language, explore the environment and develop bonds. It also helps them strengthen motor skills because the initial months act as building blocks of your newborn’s development. Parents are advised to stimulate them as much as possible to give their bodies a running start.

What Skills are your Baby developing?

For a newborn, such as smiling for the first time to wave for saying bye are all developmental skills. These skills act as markers for doctors to track progress in four developmental categories, including language development.

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