Goals: – 6 Ways To Be Inspired To Go For It

I really don’t know if you have any interest in this sport, but I hope you do take the time to see what you can capture from this story. The 2013 NFL football season is now underway and there is a lot on the line. Approximately 74,000 fans packed Miami Dolphin’s arena on Sunday February 7th 2010 to see the Indianapolis Colts battle the New Orleans Saints for Super Bowl XLIV. In addition to that, millions viewed by television, and on the internet. These two teams went after a major title in the sports world, but only one came out on top. Both of them did well throughout the regular season but it wasn’t necessarily easy as each week they had to fight off opponents. Now it was one more opponent standing between them and this major goal of becoming champion. Both of them realized that in order to win they had to show up and play their hearts out. I believe as game time drew near coaches and players motivated and encouraged their team by saying “It’s Time To Go For It.” I’ll get back to that in a minute. I press on toward the goal to win the … Continue reading Goals: – 6 Ways To Be Inspired To Go For It