The number of scams has increased in recent years. Millions of dollar of currency are lost every year because of these financial scams. There are Forex trading scams, Cryptocurrency trading scams, CFD scams, Binary Scams, Pet Scams, Pension frauds, Romance scams and others.

Fund REcovery Services like Report Scam specializes in fund recovery services, not only from Australia, UK,Middle East Asia, Europe but also all other countries of the world. Report Scam is a name which has built a trust amongst the scam victims.

Another good recovery firm is Scam Victims Help Community which has provided solutions to thousands of scam victims and helped them in recovery from Forex frauds, Romance frauds, Binary trading frauds and crypto frauds. 

The another community which specializes in Forex fraud Recovery, Cryptocurrency fraud recovery and other Investment frauds is All Scam Reports. They have proved themselves in all parts of the world.

Although there are some fraud Recovery agencies which have looted traders and investors, there are still some more genuine companies like Brokers Complaint and Lucenteq. Brokers Complaint has helped victims of Investment scams to a great extent. Lucenteq is also an expert fund recovery agency with a good name.

These companies also provide reports on latest broker scams.

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