Do you want to know if the Yocan Pillar wax e-rig must be charged with the original charger?

The answer is first of all yes. The safest and most correct way to charge the Yocan Pillar wax e-rig is always to use the original charger that comes with it. Not only the Yocan Pillar but also other wax atomizers such as the Yocan UNI Pro need to be charged with the original charger.

Why should I use the original Yocan Pillar e-rig for wax charger for charging?

Charging with a non-original charger can easily damage the Yocan Pillar wax e-rig. Or it may not be charged and cannot be used.

What are the benefits of using the original charger for charging?

Extend the service life of Yocan Pillar wax e rig

Yocan wax e-rig is a low-power device and it is important to maintain consistent power when charging. Using a non-original charger can lead to inconsistent power and damage to the product. It is also very costly to the battery. The prolonged operation may cause your vaporizer to become unusable or the battery to drain fast.

Reduce the danger

Yocan Pillar wax e-rig relies mainly on the battery for power to heat. There is a risk of battery explosion when using any electronic product. Although the risk factor is deficient, it is increased if you use a mismatched charger for charging. It is also important to choose a branded one when buying an e-rig so that you will have some guarantee of the quality of the battery.

Can I charge my Yocan Pillar wax e-rig with my cell phone charger?

The answer is no. The current cell phone chargers are fast charging, the charging head output power is very high, not suitable for the Yocan Pillar wax e rig. Although some interfaces are very consistent, this is very damaging to the battery.

To sum up, when you are charging the Yocan Pillar wax e rig be sure to use the original charger for charging. Other products such as Yocan UNI Pro and atomizers are also charged with the standard charger to effectively improve the product life.