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Replacement Nissan Key Fob Nissan smart keys offer an additional layer of security against theft by using radio frequencies and sophisticated encryption These technologies are powered however by an internal battery that will eventually weaken and need replacement Replacing a key fobs battery is a simple task Fortunately the trained technicians and experts in parts at Boch Nissan are here to assist you Battery The key fob is an important component of your Nissan it lets you unlock the doors start the engine and perform other key functions If it isnt working then you need to find out the cause The solution is by simply replacing the battery A new CR2032 battery is available in a hardware or discount grocery store for a very low price Youll need a small flatheaded screwdriver to remove the back of your key fob replacement nissan key fob come with a small tab or notch you can use your screwdriver to separate the fob in two pieces Once youve opened the fobs key take out the battery and replace it with a new one Make sure that the new battery is aligned correctly Based on the Nissan model you may need to confirm that the battery is the correct type The manufacturer of the key fob usually will provide this information in the owners manual or on the back of the fob After youve purchased the right battery put it back in the fob close the cover back shut and test it to make sure it functions YouTube has a wealth of videos that can help you find the solution to any problem If you need assistance you can contact your Nissan dealer in Farmington Hills Programming Modern Nissan vehicles are equipped with a key fob that provides a lot of added convenience and functionality when compared with a manual key However they are more prone to battery issues and will require to be replaced in the future This is a simple fix you can perform at home The first step of the process is to remove the old battery To do this look for a small catch on the back of your key fob and pull it down This will release the mechanical key in your key fob that is used as an emergency starter It is recommended to keep this key handy and return it when the replacement has been completed Once youve removed the battery from its original location Take note of the location of the battery and how it was put in To remove the battery you will require a screwdriver with a flat head Replace the old battery with the new one Make sure that the plus side is facing down Reassemble the outer casing and test to verify that its working correctly You should be able now to start your car by pressing any button on the key fob You can also test it by pressing any button on your cars dashboard to verify that the fob is connected If you have any queries or need help with your Nissan vehicle contact the service center at Boch Nissan South Locks The Nissan Intelligent Key can be used to unlock and lock your vehicle and also to open the trunk with just a click It may be that there is another problem at play if it still does not work after replacing the battery and programming In certain cases an unrepaired device needs replacement of a component or repairs to a circuit board to allow it to function again Water blunt force or scratches on the board may cause damage to the board A professional can check the Intelligent Key and determine if it is in need of repair or replaced In some cases the issue could be corrected with a quick cheap fix For more serious issues the key may need to be replaced The replacement of the battery in your Nissans key fob will take only a few minutes This process involves handling delicate and fragile electronic components and therefore it is essential to wear gloves preferably made of latex or an alternative that is not You will also need a screwdriver with a flat head as well as a brandnew 3V CR2032 battery To change the battery start by entering your vehicle and making sure that all doors are locked and shut Then press the unlock button on the key fob six to 10 times Remove the key from the ignition Dont turn the key to start the vehicle The hazard light will flash twice This indicates that your Nissan is now in the programming mode Keyless Entry If you think the key fob you have is boring we have some news for you that it can do more than unlock and lock your car Some modern fobs can roll down the windows in your car or start it when you touch your key towards the rear bumper Contrary to the traditional key that has only three locks these newer systems are built on RFID technology The key fob comes with a microchip that operates a specific frequency This enables it to communicate with the receiver of your car and open the doors or trunk Most models will recognize you when you drive by with the key fob and then automatically unlock the door Some models even let you waggle your key to the rear of the vehicle to open the trunk This is extremely useful in the event that you have a large amount of groceries or luggage in your hands The key fob also has a button to enable you to start your vehicle by pressing it onto the steering wheel This system can be activated by pressing the brake or clutch while pressing the STARTSTOP buttons If youre having difficulty getting into your Nissan to run errands or go out for a night out near Troy your key fobs battery might be dead To fix this flip your fob over and push the small release latch to the back If you can see the locks and unlock lights flashing youve successfully programmed your replacement key fob for Nissan

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