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How to Repair Double Glazed Windows Many homes with double glazing experience problems such as condensation a decrease in the quality of insulation and windows that are difficult to open These issues are typically caused by a problem with the handles or hinges You can fix these windows in a couple of easy steps Cracked Panes If a doublepane windows is damaged its an urgent issue that must be dealt with promptly If a double or triplepane window cracks the gas that insulates it to keep out cold air and warm air in winter is released This means that your home is less wellinsulated Cracks can get worse with time so repairing them now can prevent a larger issue in the future If a crack develops the most important step is to determine what caused it The most commonly cited cause is a structural issue that could cause crack but its also possible that there was an impact of some kind In this instance it is important to inspect your other windows for damage and determine the next steps It is also important to look at the area around your home to see whether there are any other issues that could be causing If your windows are located near walls or doors the stress caused by temperature fluctuations may be causing cracking Depending on what caused the crack there are different ways to fix the issue For instance if the crack was caused by an impact you may be able to work by replacing only the damaged pane of glass It could be necessary to replace the whole window frame This is a more complicated solution and requires the assistance of a professional If youre dealing with a fracture that did not cause the frame to move its normally simple to apply an adhesive between the broken panes This will repair the crack and protects your window from future problems and is definitely worth trying in this situation Another option that is fairly easy is to cover the crack with clear tape Its not the most appealing look but it will stop bugs and drafts from getting into your home A step up from that is a glass repair film thats designed to be applied quickly and provides more robust protection Many double glazing companies provide this service which is worth the investment in order to safeguard your windows Condensation BuildUp Condensation buildup in between the two panes of double glazing is among the most common reasons why people need to repair their windows It is usually a sign that the seal between the two panes of glass has failed allowing water enter This moisture can then create condensation and other issues that may require the window to be replaced Double glazing is much better at decreasing condensation than single pane windows as it features a space between the glass that can be filled with air or gas that is nontoxic The space is then separated from the frame by a spacer bar which acts as an insulation to keep heat from escaping In many instances the spacer bar contains silica gel that is effective in preventing moisture from getting between the glass panes This is why it is essential to clean your windows frequently and keep them clean because this reduces the amount of condensation that forms and allow it to evaporate Extraction fans and opening windows can help remove excess moisture Installing a dehumidifier is a different option to prevent condensation These units are priced between PS60 and PS150 They are a fantastic investment that not only prevents mould growth but also helps to reduce condensation Condensation between the glass panes of your doubleglazing can occur due to the fact that the outside air is colder than the inner window pane which causes the surface to cool down and cause condensation It can also occur when you alter the temperature in your home such as by turning off or on the heating Condensation can also be a sign of poor doubleglazing because older models were constructed with rubber strips rather than the modern silicone variety They can become damaged over time In some instances its possible to have your seals repaired but its important to note that this will only offer an immediate solution since the window will eventually degrade in another area meaning youll have to replace it anyway Stained Glass If you have a problem with a doubleglazed window handle or lock it is possible to repair it rather than replace the entire glass pane This isnt a straightforward DIY project as youll require specialized tools to ensure that the repair is completed right The majority of homeowners who have double glazing complain that their doors or windows are difficult to open This can be due to a slight warping in the frame or hinges but it could also be due to issues with the seal In certain cases the issue could be more severe than this and it is advisable to talk with a professional about the possibilities available Condensation between glass panes is another common complaint This could be a sign that the seal is failing and not able to hold in the gas that insulates between the panes Again this is an easy fix The gas that insulates can be restored with a special adhesive to seal the gap between the panes Place the window that has been damaged on a flat surface Peel off the black sealant carefully to reveal the silver spacer bars Cut these into pieces with a sharp knife keeping at the lower end of both the glass and the silver spacer bars Cut until you can separate the two pieces and after youve done this place the top piece of glass onto your work surface it is recommended to wear gloves while working Once again thoroughly clean both the glazed face that is facing the frame and the spacer frame making sure to get rid of any marks or smears since these can impact on the seal when the window is reassembled Last but not least place the new spacer on the glass pane Spread the adhesive along the edges to help it adhere to the glass and silver spacer frame Allow to set before reassembling RepairMyWindowsAndDoors is recommended to have two people help you as it can be difficult to set everything in the right place Gasket Seals Although double glazing is extremely durable and is designed to last for many years to come there are still problems that may arise occasionally It is essential to fix any issues immediately when they arise whether its draughts or issues with opening and closing Condensation between the two panes is one the most frequent issues that doubleglazed owners report This is due to the failure of the desiccant which absorbs moisture from the air inside the space that is insulated Once the desiccant has failed condensation can develop in minutes and form dark lines across the windows Another issue that could arise is when the gasket seal fails to keep water and other contaminants out of the gap This can cause leaks at the edges of the frame and can also cause damage to the frames surface If you spot any indications of a leak in your double glazed units it is essential to contact your installer as quickly as you can Many companies will offer a guarantee on their products and they usually include a guarantee period of either 10 or 20 years some even provide lifetime warranties Check the details of your warranty to determine whats covered and how long it lasts It is possible to try to resolve any hardware issues yourself before calling your double glazing provider to request repairs For example you can try cooling the mechanism or lubricating it to see if it resolves the issue Alternatively you can try taking the handle off or the window handle and cleaning it prior to returning it to its the correct position It is also crucial to check whether your local council has any insulation grants available to help pay for the repair or replacement of your double glazed windows There are several ways to apply and certain areas might require the proof of eligibility or a specific form of application It is worthwhile to check with the local authority to determine what they require

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