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Buying Bunk Beds Kids Bunk beds kids allow siblings to share a room without compromising their individual space and are an ideal option for sleepovers Depending on the model you choose these beds might include ladders or stairs to access the top bunk Additionally they can be constructed using a variety of materials including wood and metal Size When looking for a bunk bed make sure you take precise measurements and compare them to your room dimensions Youll need to ensure there is enough space for your children to climb the ladder or stairs if theyre included and move around the loft without crashing into furniture or walls Its also important to take into consideration the beds height and headroom in relation to your kids standing and sitting height You may need to buy a smaller bunk to fit children who are younger while older children might prefer a taller setup Bunk beds kids typically come in two styles that are twinovertwin or fulloverfull kids bunk bed with stairs are excellent options to accommodate multiple children in one room Some bunks also include a trundle bed to accommodate more guests for sleepovers If your children are still young choose a lowlevel bunk bed so that the bottom bunk does not exceed 50 inches above the floor This will stop children from falling out of bed which could be a danger to safety Another feature to consider is the amount of space between the top bunk and the guardrails The CPSC recommends that the height of the top mattress be no more than 5 inches above the guardrail This will prevent your children from falling out of mattress in the middle of the night and crashing into the guardrails which could cause entrapment or falls The most suitable bunk beds for children are made of sturdy materials and meet CPSC safety standards says Ganjian Check the construction of each bunk bed to ensure its made with quality woods and isnt fragile or unstable Some of the best bunk beds for kids also have mortise and tenon joinery They are also Greenguard Gold Certified for meeting stringent chemical emissions standards If youre looking to furnish the guest room furnishing an apartment for vacation or bunking your own kids this triple bunk from Pottery Barn is a smart option Its easy to put together and comes with all the required tools If your kids outgrow it you can transform it into three freestanding beds It comes in a soothing neutral finish that blends into both vibrant and muted colors such as brushed gray and weathered navy Safety A bunk bed is an exciting and enjoyable feature for a childs bedroom but it can be dangerous if its not correctly assembled or used Bunk bedrelated injuries can occur at any age but most often happen to kids under six It is essential to follow the manufacturers assembly and safety instructions make sure you use the correct mattress size and position the bunk bed in a way that it does not hinder windows or heaters It is also advisable to avoid hanging lighting fixtures It is also a good idea to check the bunk bed for signs of wear and tear and make repairs as needed The top bunks height should be kept to a maximum of four feet and there should be guardrails on both sides of the bed The space between the guardrails should not be wider than 3 12 inches to prevent death and make sure that your child isnt able to roll under the guardrail while sleeping The mattress on the bottom should be held up by wires or slats that run directly beneath the bunk They must also be secured on both ends This will prevent your child from falling through a gap The ladders or stairs must be attached to the bunk bed They must be secured and provide a safe method of climbing up to the higher level Make sure the ladder is not near any dangers and that your children know that they should use it only for climbing into bed not to be used as an area for play Also discourage rough playing on the bunks since this can compromise the stability of the structure It isnt possible to determine the age for children to sleep in bunk beds However many experts suggest that children do not sleep on the top bunk until at least six years old age and have the maturity to sleep in a still position If youre not sure if your child is ready to climb the top bunk opt for a full or twin size bunk Style Bunk beds are a great way for kids to share space with their siblings and make the most of their room They can also be an enjoyable way to host sleepovers that everyone can enjoy Bunks with desks are great for teenagers and older kids because they combine sleeping and studying furniture into one Bunks with ladders or stairs make it easier and safer for children to climb up to the top bunk You can personalize your bunk bed by choosing the dimensions style and other features youd like The kind of mattress you select will determine how comfortable your bunk bed will be Slumberland has a wide selection of mattresses of the highest quality for all types of bunk beds We offer innerspring memory foam and hybridtype mattresses in all sizes so you will be able to find the perfect fit for your childrens or teenagers bunks Other design features to think about include ladders and stairs as well as safety rails and extra storage options Some bunk beds have ladders that connect to the sides whereas others have stairs built right into the frame Staircases are a better option for older children and teenagers because they are more secure than standard ladders and provide a sleek modern look You can also personalize the bunks by selecting an appropriate color scheme to match your childs personality or the style of the rest of the room Some bunk beds come with white finishes whereas others are available in natural or dark cherry wood finishes If youre buying a wood bunk bed you can paint it to match your children room or opt for staining to maintain the natural look To add a personal look to your bunks you can purchase decorative lighting to complement the theme or style of the room For instance recessed lighting can be hung from the ceiling to provide plenty of light without occupying floor space If you have a metal or wooden bunk bed you might also want to add swag lights which hang from the ceiling They can provide soft lighting Storage The majority of bunk beds are distinguished by their capacity to expand the amount of space in the bedroom of your child This is accomplished by putting two mattresses on top of one other The design usually allows the beds to remain stacked as your kids get older and tweens or can be separated into separate freestanding bed frames which is ideal for families that may move often or have smaller spaces in their homes These beds come in a variety of configurations with traditional twin over twin and twin over full and queen over queen options available like the Crate and Barrel Babyletto TipToe White Washed Natural Wood Bunk Bed Some are available in various sizes and some come with a stepladder inclined to make it easier to climb Another thing to consider when selecting a bunk bed is its design with some models combining mediumdensity fiberboard as well as kilndried wood The former is less expensive and can have modern appearance however the latter can be more durable and sturdy Bunks that have trundle beds are an excellent option for sleepovers and some include the ability to add an additional trundle bed in an additional configuration These models can easily sleep three children or adults and are ideal for a shared room that encourages family bonds while making the best utilization of space The last thing to think about when deciding on a bunk bed is the style and color with crisp whites neutral grays and muted clay finishes providing various aesthetic options that can play nicely with any decor for bedrooms A white crisp bunk bed is a great pick for cottage coastal or bright bedrooms and a neutral gray or clay choice can be seamlessly incorporated into a range of palettes as your child grows and matures into a mature person While the price of a bunk bed may vary most models come with an affordable price which is comparable to other types of bedroom furniture A few of the less expensive models are made from cheaper materials while many of our toprated bunk beds are durable enough to last for the duration of the years of childhood and beyond

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